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Historian-in-Residence Publishes New Book on Civil War Turning Points

Maxwell James Mackowski holds a copy of the new book his dad just co-edited.

If people know anything at all about the Civil War battle of Gettysburg, they usually cite it as “the turning point of the war.”

But a new essay collection co-edited by our historian-in-residence, Chris Mackowski, suggests that maybe Gettysburg wasn’t “the” turning point at all. Instead, the book argues, what if the war was actually a series of major turning points, one leading to the next, …


“The pictures don’t do it justice”

We want to thank “John” for this great review he posted at Airbnb:

“I’ve stayed at many different Airbnb’s (including a castle) and this was one of the best places that I have stayed. Things that I liked: – The cabin of course. I feel like even the pictures don’t do it justice. They don’t catch the way that the sun light hits the exposed brick on the inside and all of the little intricacies that make the cabin so


The Things We’re Thankful For

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we asked some of the folks here at Stevenson Ridge about the things they’re thankful for this year:

Chef Anthony is thankful for Frank, our jack-of-all-trades who, among his other odd jobs, helps out in the kitchen as a dishwasher.

Bettina, one of our event coordinators, is thankful for all the opportunities she has to express her creative side here at Stevenson Ridge. “It’s wonderful not to be stuck in front of the computer all day,” …


A Pre-Thanksgiving Wish

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from all of us here at Stevenson Ridge! As we gear up to celebrate the holiday tomorrow, we thought we’d offer, of all things, a little bit a Shakespeare to give everyone a little something to think about:

“O Lord, that lends me life, Lend me a heart replete with thankfulness!”
— (Henry VI, part 2, Act 1, Scene 1)


Speaker Line-Up Announced for Fifth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge

The full line-up of speakers has been announced for the Fifth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge, which will be held Aug. 3-5, 2018.

The theme this year is “Turning Points of the Civil War,” which ties into an upcoming book Emerging Civil War is publishing with Southern Illinois University Press as part of their “Engaging the Civil War” Series.

The keynote speaker this year will be Scott Hartwig, former supervisory historian from Gettysburg National Battlefield. Scott, …


Sisters’ Hand-Painted Art Adds Historic Flavor at SR

Our thanks to Kelsey and Catherine Hull! The sisters recently helped spruce up Stevenson Ridge with a little original hand-painted artwork.

We have several antique wagons that sit on the property. This one sits near the “Y” that branches off to innkeeper Dan and Debbie Spear’s place. The “Stevenson Ridge” lettering and accompanying soldier certainly capture our historic flavor.

They also hand-painted this great American flag above our lawnmower barn:


SR’s Historian-in-Residence Talks Tonight about the Battle of Mine Run

Our historian-in-residence, Chris Mackowski, will be speaking tonight (Nov. 13) at the Rapphannock Valley Civil War Roundtable in downtown Fredericksburg. Chris will be speaking about the “forgotten” battle of Mine Run, which took place in Locust Grove in late November 1863.

The roundtable meets at Brock’s Grill, with social time at 6:30 and dinner beginning at 6:45. The talk begins at 7:30. Reservations for dinner are required, however (click here for details). According to the roundtable, “You are …


Stevenson Ridge Featured in America’s Civil War Magazine

from Chris

America’s Civil War magazine features a great blurb about Stevenson Ridge in its most recent issue.

The magazine’s regular “Trailside” feature, sponsored by our friends at Civil War Trails, focused on Spotsylvania. The article, “Grant’s Gamble,” spotlighted several key sites related to the Spotsylvania Court House battlefield and surrounding area. Stevenson Ridge made the list because we’re on the actual battlefield. The magazine applauded our “accommodations with a period feel…where Civil War entrenchments still remain.”

Thanks to the …