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Jenny at the Ridge

A Smile Folded into Every Towel

from Julia

The art of paper folding and napkin folding started in Japan and Europe and was referred to as Origami. These different folding techniques were viewed as beautiful art and held different symbols and traditions.

In Europe, around the 17th and 18th centuries, the art of napkin folding was viewed as a dinner-table status symbol among nobility.

In Japan, the first documented origami was in 1680 and was a traditional paper butterfly used during a Shinto wedding.…


SR included as part of perfect 72 hours in Fredericksburg

You should definitely check out Matador network’s article on trip planning titled, “72 Perfect Hours in Fredericksburg, Virginia.” You’ll notice a familiar inn makes an appearance!

At Stevenson Ridge, we always strive to give our guests a unique experience in one of our ten cottages or cabins, whether you bring a guest or your whole family. Thank you Matador network for highlighting us as one of the top locations to stay at on your next trip to Fredericksburg!…


Some Sweet “Sweet Sauce”

We wanted to highlight Megan Wilson @SweetSauceBlog for spending some quality time here at Stevenson Ridge.

Dan gave her his personal tour of our unique cabins and cottages and she was left in awe! We love our guests to leave here with not only a great feeling of comfort but also a look into our history and how Stevenson Ridge came to be. Megan stayed in our Tobacco Barn in the Queen Bedroom Suite for a few nights of …



from Chris

I scooped out some cracked corn for the ducks this morning, and as I turned around to put the scoop back in the feed bin, look what happened:

Literally, with my back turned, one of the hens laid an egg–right on top of the corn I had just spread for them!

This isn’t the first egg the ducks have laid this year, but it IS the first one they’ve laid while any of us have been around.…




The Innkeepers’ Dogs

Last fall, we shared with you some of the artwork sisters Kelsey and Catherine Hull added around the property. We’re pleased to share Kelsey’s latest Stevenson Ridge creation: a portrait of our innkeepers’ dogs.

Dan and Debbie have three dogs, who eager greet visitors who come to their door. Maggie is Dan’s pure-blooded Rottweiler who looks like a tank but is really sweet and friendly. Brothers Billy and George are pound puppies Debbie rescued several years ago. Kelsey did


Tracks in the Snow on the Pond

from Chris

A dusting of overnight snow earlier this week revealed a visitor to the pond who might have otherwise remained invisible: a fox.

Foxes are inherently curious, and the trail of footprints clearly illustrated that curiosity. The footprints wove from one object on the ice to another–the fox taking a moment to check out each and every little thing out there. There were pieces of bark from a tree limb that had fallen, chunks of ice we’d chopped out …