Crown the Big Day with Flowers

Flower Crown

Photo courtesy of Meredith Sledge Photography

from Rebecca

A trend that I have loved over the years for weddings is the flower crown. In fact, I love flower crowns so much that I wore one in my own wedding! Whether the crown is for the bride, bridesmaids, or flower girls, flower crowns can be such a fun way to incorporate flowers into the big day.

Fresh flowers can go a long way, and if you are a bride who doesn’t …


In Bloom in the Garden

Encore Azaleafrom Chris

Earlier this month, Dan installed a new walking garden behind the Lodge. The garden features a brick sidewalk that forms a large infinity symbol—perfect for meditative walking but also a perfect symbol for an ideal marriage.

The garden has been landscaped with a variety of ornamental shrubs, including Encore azaleas. This week, we saw our first bloom on the azalea bushes!…


Repeat Roses

photo courtesy of Aron Spicer photography

photo courtesy of Aron Spicer photography

from Elizabeth

Weddings are such joyous occasions, and it’s so fun when a bride makes sure every detail is what she had envisioned. But the sad truth is weddings generate a ton of waste. Huffington Post reports 400 to 600 pounds of garbage per wedding.

Jennifer Grove, a former event planner, has decided to change this large amount of waste after seeing all the beautiful flowers tossed in the trash after each wedding. Jennifer …