The Benefits of Raised Racks in the Kitchen

From Chef Anthony

Raised racks are helpful in the kitchen for a multitude of reasons. From resting your meats to baking, it’s easy to find a use for a wire rack every day, no matter what you’re cooking.

For any food preparation here at Stevenson Ridge, we let our meats rest prior and even after cooking on a raised or wire rack. This allows the meat to “rest” and lets the drippings drain; in a traditional tray, the meat just …


Oreo Turkeys

turkeys in a rowfrom Elizabeth

Later this week, I’ll be heading over to my grandmother’s house to get ready for our Thanksgiving dinner. Each family member brings a different dish, orchestrated by the planner in the family, allowing us to have a huge feast with the ones we love.

If your family is like mine, with a pot-luck style meal, then here is a festive and delicious Thanksgiving-themed dessert, which can double as your place setting, too.

What you’ll need:
Double Stuff Oreos…


A Recipe for Applesauce Cookies

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from Bettina

Having just wrapped up our very successful Second Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium, it got me thinking about what kind of food and nourishment the officers and soldiers had during the Civil War. Though most of the soldiers’ living and eating conditions were terribly rough and basic, many of the baked goods they commonly ate are surprisingly scrumptious.

Here is a recipe for a sweet treat that has been adapted for modern kitchens. Give …