The Benefits of Raised Racks in the Kitchen

From Chef Anthony

Raised racks are helpful in the kitchen for a multitude of reasons. From resting your meats to baking, it’s easy to find a use for a wire rack every day, no matter what you’re cooking.

For any food preparation here at Stevenson Ridge, we let our meats rest prior and even after cooking on a raised or wire rack. This allows the meat to “rest” and lets the drippings drain; in a traditional tray, the meat just …


Some History of Elote

from Chef Anthony

Last weekend, we prepared an authentic Spanish meal, which included the very popular elote.

Centuries ago, indigenous tribes in southern Mexico cultivated and started growing corn. Over many years, corn has spread across the world into the homes of almost all regions and has cemented itself as one of the worlds most popular vegetables. The versatility of corn has helped it reach its high demand, and it’s now also included in animal feed, ethanol fuel, and …


Departure of the Ducks

from Chef Anthony

Back in the spring of 2017, Stevenson Ridge took in a little family of ducklings to live on our pond. In the beginning, they wouldn’t leave their “house” across the pond. Over the following months, the staff watched them grow from little ducklings into full-grown ducks. They were then finding their way all over the property, even right up to our kitchen door to see what we were cooking up!

Everyone began to become so attached to …