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Jenny at the Ridge

The Sixth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge

We’re gearing up for our big Civil War weekend: the Sixth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge.

The event kicks off Friday afternoon and runs all day Saturday with a line up that includes a keynote address from historian A. Wilson Greene, author of the monumental new book A Campaign of Giants: The Battle for Petersburg. Greene will be talking about Grant’s second assault to take the city, a forgotten action that ties into our theme this …


Hidden Gem

From Kellyn

Although we are a hidden gem, Stevenson Ridge is in a prime location. We are located in Spotsylvania County, which neighbors Fredericksburg. We are one hour from both Richmond and D.C., and only 20 minutes from the very popular Historic Downtown Fredericksburg. When you’re out at The Ridge, you feel as if you’re a little bit further into the rural part of the county than you really are! This means you get the rolling hills and views of …


Recipe: Spicy Coconut Grilled Chicken Thighs

from Chef Moe

Hi, once again, everyone! Chef Moe Marsh here with another tasty recipe for your outdoor grilling season.

With summer in full swing and July 4th just behind us and vacation time upon us, it is most definitely time to spark up the grill, people. For those long days on the beach or camping in the beautiful mountains, this dish will accommodate both perfectly. Ether over a campfire or grilling poolside, your guests and family will love …


History on Display

from Chris

We have some “new” Stevenson Ridge history on display in the Lodge. I say “new” because it’s history, which by definition makes it old–but the displays themselves are new.

The first is a frame containing some images of Brig. Gen. Thomas Greely Stevenson, for whom the property is named. There’s a brief bio accompanying the images so that visitors can learn at least a little bit about him. (More info on Stevenson is available in our book Traces


Chef Moe and the Transmitters!

from Kellyn

First Friday in Downtown Fredericksburg is a big deal for us townies! This month, though, it was an even bigger occasion. One of our chefs, Moe, and his band, The Transmitters, played at a local after-hours venue. Most of the office was able to make it out in support of Moe, and we had an awesome time!

What’s better than a summer evening and live reggae music?

Moe stands second from the left.
Do you recognize any of …


The Five-Leaf Clover

from Chris

One of my super-powers, apparently, is my ability to find four-leaf clovers. I don’t go looking for them; instead, they tend to leap out at me.

I always think of the scene from the movie Rain Man when someone spills a whole box of matches and Dustin Hoffman’s character glances at them and then rattles off the exact number of matches on the floor. That’s sort of what it’s like for me spotting four-leaf clovers: i just glance, …


Mac and Cheese and the French Cuisine of James Hemings

James Hemings

from Chef Moe

Hi everyone this is Chef Moe Marsh of Stevenson Ridge back again to share the brief history of James Hemings, an immensely talented chef. He was responsible for the spread of French cuisine to America, including crème brûlée, merengues, whipped cream and macaroni and cheese.

James Hemings ( 1765-1801) was an American mixed-race slave owned and freed by Thomas Jefferson. He was an older brother of Sally Hemings and half-sibling of Jefferson’s wife Martha Jefferson; …


Goose Update

from Kellyn

On Tuesday, May 7, 2019, we spotted a few new arrivals on the property. We stood by our pond and watched as Mother and Father Goose led 5 goslings to the water. That makes today about as close to their one-month birthday as we can pinpoint!

Since then, our goslings have grown so much! They are busy following Mom and Dad around the pond, feasting on seeds and grass, and just being the cutest little things ever. We …


Making a Family Tree of Memories

from Cassandra

A wedding day is a time where you are surrounded by dear friends and family—a gathering to celebrate the joining of two families and a joyous occasion honoring the union of marriage between two people. Often, as part of the celebration, we like to commemorate family members who are no longer with us by including a memory table decorated in cherished photos of our loved ones.

An April bride of mine had the most wonderful idea to celebrate …


The Fredericksburg National Cemetery Memorial Day Luminaria

Tonight, from 8-11, Fredericksburg National Cemetery will once more host its annual Memorial Day Luminaria program. This is the 24th year the program has been held.

Each year, local Scout organizations light more than 15,300 candles–one for each of the soldiers buried in the cemetery.

For more information, visit the website for Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park.…