Woolgathering and Rain Watching

from Chris

With another fall semester about to start for me, I took a little “personal retreat” time at the Log Home yesterday. Of all Stevenson Ridge’s cabins, the Log Home has perhaps the most epic front porch for passing the time. It’s a great spot for woolgathering with a cold beer or a glass of wine. In the mornings, it’s the perfect setting for that first cup or two of coffee.

We’ve had sweltering days this week, which finally …


“The pictures don’t do it justice”

We want to thank “John” for this great review he posted at Airbnb:

“I’ve stayed at many different Airbnb’s (including a castle) and this was one of the best places that I have stayed. Things that I liked: – The cabin of course. I feel like even the pictures don’t do it justice. They don’t catch the way that the sun light hits the exposed brick on the inside and all of the little intricacies that make the cabin so




Our Latest Building Project….

Innkeeper Dan Spear is at it again: he’s building another new cabin for Stevenson Ridge.

Bedford Cabin



The newest cabin comes from Bedford County, Pennsylvania. It’s new home is a great little spot in the woods on the same side of the road near the Tobacco Barn, across from the Riddick House.

Dan is hoping to have the house open for guest by mid-summer. We’ll have details as progress continues!…


Night Lights in the Forest

String of Lightsfrom Jenny

We’re lighting up the night at Stevenson Ridge. Dan has strung new lights through the trees from the Spy Hill House to the Riddick House.

With dark coming on so early at this time of year, the extra light comes just in time. The Riddick House is an especially popular place for holiday parties, so the new lights will guide guests to all the fun and give them safe passage back to their cars at evening’s end.

When …


To Every Season

GailGazebofrom Gail

Seasons in Virginia have a special way of letting us know changes are coming and special times are ahead. Having taught school for 30 years, I have to admit I did feel a little sad when summer was ending and fall was beginning to appear!

Fall has taken on new meanings for me as I wander from one cabin to the next at Stevenson Ridge, checking cabins in preparation for incoming guests. Some are coming for weddings, but …