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“The pictures don’t do it justice”

We want to thank “John” for this great review he posted at Airbnb:

“I’ve stayed at many different Airbnb’s (including a castle) and this was one of the best places that I have stayed. Things that I liked: – The cabin of course. I feel like even the pictures don’t do it justice. They don’t catch the way that the sun light hits the exposed brick on the inside and all of the little intricacies that make the cabin so unique. It’s so much better when you actually see the real thing. – It’s much bigger than I expected. And the loft is really cool. – The cabin has both a historic and modern feel. I never felt like I was roughing it in the middle of the woods. – My wife and I loved the cozy fire place. We sat in front of it for hours listening to the wood crackle and pop. We even ordered a pizza from an Italian restaurant down the street and ate our pizza in front of the fire place. – The grounds are really nice and perfect for exploring. And don’t worry, if you’re city people like us then you won’t get lost in the woods. They clearly mark the walking trails so you can find your way back. – It’s dog friendly. They went out of their way to provide our dogs with blankets, water bowls, and treats! I could go on and on. But the bottom line is that this place is amazing and I highly recommend it.”