“The pictures don’t do it justice”

We want to thank “John” for this great review he posted at Airbnb:

“I’ve stayed at many different Airbnb’s (including a castle) and this was one of the best places that I have stayed. Things that I liked: – The cabin of course. I feel like even the pictures don’t do it justice. They don’t catch the way that the sun light hits the exposed brick on the inside and all of the little intricacies that make the cabin so


Mushrooms in the Forest

from Jackson

The other day, I was walking the trails on Stevenson Ridge and happened upon a few interesting mushrooms. The first to catch my eye was a rather large, blue mushroom that was right in the middle of the path.

Though this was the most interesting mushroom to me, what was more fascinating was just how many different species and colors of mushrooms I stumbled upon during my walk. Mushrooms were practically growing everywhere in the forest and it …


Look Closer!

from Chris

While walking the trails Thursday afternoon, I happened to stop and take a closer look at a small tree growing next to the trail. It looked as though it had been struggling mightily beneath the shaded canopy to grab what sunlight it could from the much, much taller trees that stood nearby.Luna 01

As I was about to resume my walk, though, I had to do a double-take: there, hanging from one of the branches as though it were …




Happy Trails

Trail measuringfrom Chris

I’ve been working on a set of trail maps this summer that will show Stevenson Ridge’s trail system and earthworks. There’s a lot of fun stuff out there for Civil War buffs, and there’s a lot of beautiful stuff out there for non-buffs.

Cartographer Hal Jespersen, who does the maps for our Emerging Civil War book series, is doing the actual map layout. I look forward to sharing his results when he’s done.

I took some time earlier …


Improving SR’s Hiking Trails

Red Trail Blazefrom Chris

My son and I spent time last weekend doing upgrades to Stevenson Ridge’s trail system—part of a long-range plan we have to do more interpretation of our Civil War sites.

The trails have largely remained unmarked, visible easily enough in the summer and fall, but once the dead leaves start piling up, there are places where the trails vanish entirely, lost beneath a blanket of crispy brown leaf-fall.

Courtesy of a couple cans of spray paint, we now …