Expectation and Anticipation

from Chris

I always love the sense of possibility I feel when I walk into the Lodge and the room is arranged and the table linens are set for an event. Anything could happen. The event decorations have yet to appear, and people have yet to fill the room–both, in their ways, will transform the space. Right now, though, the room is a fresh, clean slate, waiting to become something special for someone. That in itself makes the room special. …


To Every Season

GailGazebofrom Gail

Seasons in Virginia have a special way of letting us know changes are coming and special times are ahead. Having taught school for 30 years, I have to admit I did feel a little sad when summer was ending and fall was beginning to appear!

Fall has taken on new meanings for me as I wander from one cabin to the next at Stevenson Ridge, checking cabins in preparation for incoming guests.┬áSome are coming for weddings, but …