Fun Times at Our Civil War Symposium

from Chris

We had a super successful Sixth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge last weekend. We’ll be announcing details for next year’s Symposium next week, so stayed tuned! In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the fun we had this year:


Battlefield Season Kicks Off

With the advent of May, Civil War season has kicked off around these parts!

Next week, our historian-in-residence, Chris Mackowski, will participate in a variety of Facebook LIVE events to commemorate the start of the season.

On Saturday, Chris and his Emerging Civil War colleague Dan Welch will broadcast live from the grand opening of the new American Civil War Museum in Richmond, Virginia. Emerging Civil War co-sponsored a program with the museum that highlighted several Emerging Scholars in the …


Historian-in-Residence Publishes New Civil War Book

Just in time for the holidays, our historian-in-residence, Chris Mackowski, has a new book available: The Great Battle Never Fought: The Mine Run Campaign, Nov. 26-dec. 2, 1863. The book, part of the award-winning Emerging Civil War Series, recounts the final chapter of the forgotten fall of 1863—when Union Major General George Gordon Meade made one final attempt to save the Union and, in doing so, save himself.

According to the press release from the publisher:

The stakes for …


Historian-in-Residence Publishes New Book on Civil War Turning Points

Maxwell James Mackowski holds a copy of the new book his dad just co-edited.

If people know anything at all about the Civil War battle of Gettysburg, they usually cite it as “the turning point of the war.”

But a new essay collection co-edited by our historian-in-residence, Chris Mackowski, suggests that maybe Gettysburg wasn’t “the” turning point at all. Instead, the book argues, what if the war was actually a series of major turning points, one leading to the next, …


SR’s Historian-in-Residence Talks Tonight about the Battle of Mine Run

Our historian-in-residence, Chris Mackowski, will be speaking tonight (Nov. 13) at the Rapphannock Valley Civil War Roundtable in downtown Fredericksburg. Chris will be speaking about the “forgotten” battle of Mine Run, which took place in Locust Grove in late November 1863.

The roundtable meets at Brock’s Grill, with social time at 6:30 and dinner beginning at 6:45. The talk begins at 7:30. Reservations for dinner are required, however (click here for details). According to the roundtable, “You are …


The Civil War Comes to Stevenson Ridge

Traces of the Bloody Struggle-coverfrom Chris

The anniversary of the battle of Spotsylvania is this week. The battle opened on May 8, 1864, along the Brock Road. Today, the entrance to the national battlefield sits in the area where the battle opened.

A day later, May 9, 18634, the battle came to the area today known as Stevenson Ridge. Union infantry stormed across the Ny River and swept up the hill, making it almost into the Court House itself before stout Confederate resistance stopped …


On Location with our Historian-in-Residence

from Chris

My travels recently took me to Charleston, South Carolina, where I had the chance to slip in some Civil War research while also trying to squeeze in some R&R (which, for me, can be the same thing!).

While there, I was able to test out a new initiative we’re working on for Emerging Civil War: “On Location” videos. These short videos offer a quick look around at various Civil War-related spots. While in Charleston, I hit up the


Local Newspaper Spotlights Civil War Book

SD-coverThe Free Lance-Star ran an article Tuesday about the book Seizing Destiny: The Army of the Potomac’s “Valley Forge” and the Civil War Winter that Saved the Union, which was co-authored by Stevenson Ridge Historian-in-Residence Chris Mackowski. The newspaper article was written by veteran writer Clint Schemmer.

Seizing Destiny, which was written by the late Albert Conner, Jr., looks at the major transformation of the Union army during the bleak winter of 1862-63—period of the Civil War that historians …


Digital Traces

Traces of the Bloody Struggle-coverTraces of the Bloody Struggle: The Civil War at Stevenson Ridge, Spotsylvania Court House by Chris Mackowski is now available digitally through, courtesy of Savas Beatie, LLC.

The book recounts the action on the eastern front during the May 1864 battle. (Click here for more about the book.)

Hard copies of the book are available only through Stevenson Ridge: $10 plus shipping. For ordering info, contact…


A Guest’s Review of “Traces of the Bloody Struggle”

Traces of the Bloody Struggle-coverWe received a note this week from a guest who came to Stevenson Ridge earlier this summer to explore the area’s Civil War history. We ended up as the first person to purchase a copy of our new book, Traces of the Bloody Struggle: The Civil War at Stevenson Ridge, Spotsylvania Court House by our historian-in-residence, Chris Mackowski. We pass along the note with the guest’s permission:

I received my copy of Traces of the Bloody Struggle and read it …