Tracks in the Snow on the Pond

from Chris

A dusting of overnight snow earlier this week revealed a visitor to the pond who might have otherwise remained invisible: a fox.

Foxes are inherently curious, and the trail of footprints clearly illustrated that curiosity. The footprints wove from one object on the ice to another–the fox taking a moment to check out each and every little thing out there. There were pieces of bark from a tree limb that had fallen, chunks of ice we’d chopped out …


Watching the Ducks Grow Up

from Chris

As I’d mentioned last week, I tried my hand this spring at raising some ducks for Stevenson Ridge’s pond. We’ve had a few questions about the ducks since then, so let me take you back in time to Tuesday, May 23, when the ducks first arrived. I received a call from the post office at 4:30 a.m., inviting me to come on down and pick up my ducklings. They arrived in a box smaller than a shoebox.

Ducks-First pic

I …


The Duck House

from Chris

We have a new house at Stevenson Ridge. It sits pondside between the Log Home and the Riddick House. We call it the Duck House—because it houses ten new ducks we’ve bought to the pond.

Duck House

I decided to try my hand at being a “gentleman farmer” the spring. As an adolescent, I used to raise chickens, and I’ve always wanted to have a few again someday. Well, the time still isn’t right, but I did think a few …


Scenes from the 2017 Bridal Open House: The Pergola

For last weekend’s bridal open house, our wedding coordinators decorated our pergola with a giant dreamcatcher. Accented with gorgeous fresh flowers and bright strips of multicolored cloth, the pergola stood in oasis-like contrast to the leafless landscape.

Pergola Dreamcatcher-v

We added a few chairs to evoke a wedding setting, although during actual ceremonies, for big weddings we’ve set out as many as 216 chairs! Our pond-side pergola always makes for a lovely ceremony setting.

Pergola Dreamcatcher-h



The Great Blue

from Jennifer and Chris

We’ve had a great blue heron making its home along the edge of the pond this summer. The bird stands tall and reed-like in the shallows along the bank, fishing for its meals. It doesn’t come every day–dining, we assume, at some of the area’s other ponds–but we see the heron often enough to consider him a regular.



Jaws the Snapping Turtle

from Chris

We continue to have several turtles who take daily sunbaths in our pond—mostly painted turtles who slide up onto the fountain, which acts as a little island for them.

But somewhere in the murky gloom lurks a mega-sized snapping turtle who occasionally rises to the surface. He soaks up some sun, then slides silently beneath the water leaving behind nary a ripple.Jaws the Snapping Turtle

I refer to him as the “Jaws” of snapping turtles. He’s big—so big, I can hear …


Welcome Back, Turtles!

Turtlefrom Chris

We were pleased to welcome some of our favorite repeat visitors to Stevenson Ridge this weekend. The water in our pond has warmed up enough that our turtles have resurfaced for the season! We have several red-eared sliders that make their home in the pond, and on occasion, we see a big snapper.

The turtles love to crawl up on the base of the fountain to sun themselves. They look like extra lumps on the metal disk (above). …


On Frozen Pond

From Chris

The weather has finally been cold enough for long enough this winter that the pond has frozen over entirely. It’s not a thick layer of ice yet, but it was enough to support a scattering a snow from earlier this week. It looks like a super-starry night captured in ice.

With the “Snopacalypse” bearing down on us for this weekend, it’s likely to bury the pond altogether.

Pond with Scattered Snow 01

Pond with Scattered Snow 02


Ice, Ice Baby

from Chris

We’ve had our first real cold snap of winter this week, with temperatures at the Ridge dipping into the teens overnight. The wind made it feel even colder! When we awoke today, we found the first skim of ice on the pond.

First Ice On Pond


Most of the water remains open, and temperatures this afternoon should warm enough to keep the rest of the pond from freezing, and the forecast for the rest of the week suggests warmer temps again, …