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The Duck House

from Chris

We have a new house at Stevenson Ridge. It sits pondside between the Log Home and the Riddick House. We call it the Duck House—because it houses ten new ducks we’ve bought to the pond.

Duck House

I decided to try my hand at being a “gentleman farmer” the spring. As an adolescent, I used to raise chickens, and I’ve always wanted to have a few again someday. Well, the time still isn’t right, but I did think a few ducks might be in order because Stevenson Ridge does have a duck pond. Except that it had no ducks. What’s a duck pond without any ducks?

I chose a breed called “Cayugas” because their black feathers will shine with green iridescence in the sunlight. I thought that would be fun and pretty, particularly as they swim around in the background during weddings.

The ducks are still in an enclosed area in the pond until they get their full adult plumage. After that, we’ll remove the chicken wire–although I suppose it’s more apt to call it “duck wire”–and let them swim freely.

Next time you pay a visit to the Ridge, take a walk down to the pond and say hello!