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Tracks in the Snow on the Pond

from Chris

A dusting of overnight snow earlier this week revealed a visitor to the pond who might have otherwise remained invisible: a fox.

Foxes are inherently curious, and the trail of footprints clearly illustrated that curiosity. The footprints wove from one object on the ice to another–the fox taking a moment to check out each and every little thing out there. There were pieces of bark from a tree limb that had fallen, chunks of ice we’d chopped out of the ducks’ water hole, and other little odds and ends.

The sun had come out enough to melt the footprints just a tad, so the prints were not as clear as they otherwise would’ve been.

Aside from the fox, the snow revealed a lot of small bird tracks along the pond edges:

I’m not trained enough in the ways of the wild to tell one type of bird track from another–although I CAN identify these ones: