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The Old Wines of the Good People of Fredericksburg - from Chris In his memoir Recollections of a Confederate Staff Officer, G. Moxley Sorrel recalled an incident from just before the battle of Fredericksburg that might be of interest to our wine enthusiasts. Just before the battle, which took place … Continue reading
The Benefits of Raised Racks in the Kitchen - From Chef Anthony Raised racks are helpful in the kitchen for a multitude of reasons. From resting your meats to baking, it’s easy to find a use for a wire rack every day, no matter what you’re cooking. For any … Continue reading
Soup of the day: Thai Chicken Coconut Soup (Tom Kha Gai) - from Chef Moe Hello, good people! Chef Moe Marsh with another delicious soup, this one from southeast Asia: Thai chicken coconut soup, also called Tom Kha Gai, which means coconut and ginger curry soup. In this recipe, there are a … Continue reading
Soup of the Day: Hoppin’ John Soup - from Chef Moe Happy February, everyone! It’s Chef Moe Marsh here with a perfect soup for cold and wintery weather. Here is a  soup that will not only bring you good luck but a fill your belly, as well: Hoppin’ … Continue reading
Welcome, Alex! - from Alex Hi all! I’m Alex Neubauer, event coordinator and newest member to the Stevenson Ridge family/team! I was previously a mental health counselor for elementary students and am now transitioning into the world of hospitality/event planning. When I am … Continue reading