Goose Update

from Kellyn

On Tuesday, May 7, 2019, we spotted a few new arrivals on the property. We stood by our pond and watched as Mother and Father Goose led 5 goslings to the water. That makes today about as close to their one-month birthday as we can pinpoint!

Since then, our goslings have grown so much! They are busy following Mom and Dad around the pond, feasting on seeds and grass, and just being the cutest little things ever. We …


Our Geese and Their Goslings

from Chris

We’ve had a pretty few intense days here on the blog because of the 155th anniversary of the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House, so let’s turn our attention to something a little lighter:

We’ve had a pair of geese raising some goslings on the property this spring. The chicks have gotten pretty big already, too!

Here, momma and her four goslings are waddling from the Riddick House to the pond. Daddy goose was with the gaggle, too, but …


New Year’s Geese

from Chris

In Victorian times, it used to be traditional to cook a goose for Christmas dinner. While it’s more common nowadays to have ham or turkey, geese were nonetheless scarce around Stevenson Ridge over the holidays, perhaps to avoid the clutches of Chef Brad. However, they’ve turned up in force over the past few days.

geese-jan-2017Geese are grazers, so our lawns make perfect pasture, particularly with our pond so nearby. That has always made Stevenson Ridge a popular goose …


The Snow Goose

from Chris

We’ve had a pair of Canadian geese that have made Stevenson Ridge their home this spring. Over the weekend, they played host to a cousin of theirs: a snow goose.

At first, it was hard to get a good look at the new feather friend, who seemed to stay on the far side of one of the Canadian geese. All we could tell was that the new visitor appeared very duck-like but was much too big to be …


Winter Mornings

The frosty mornings airbrush everything a soft white these days. The lawn in front of the Lodge sparkles in the early sunlight. The pond freezes over with a thin wafer of ice. While I always appreciate warm weather, visits from Old Man Winter bring their own beauty to Stevenson Ridge.

We have a small flock of Canadian Geese that have been wintering along the edge of our pond this year. There are about twenty of them. Canadian Geese are grazers,