Pupcakefrom Chris

You’ve heard the expression “fast as lightning,” but anyone who owns a dog knows that the one thing in the world faster than that can be a dog going after a dog treat.

Our friends at The Icing recently sent home a pair of tasty “pupcakes” for our four-legged family members, Emmett and Ollie. These clever little treats look like cupcakes but they’re made specifically for dogs. I have to admit, I can’t personally attest to their tastiness, …


Winter Mornings

The frosty mornings airbrush everything a soft white these days. The lawn in front of the Lodge sparkles in the early sunlight. The pond freezes over with a thin wafer of ice. While I always appreciate warm weather, visits from Old Man Winter bring their own beauty to Stevenson Ridge.

We have a small flock of Canadian Geese that have been wintering along the edge of our pond this year. There are about twenty of them. Canadian Geese are grazers,