Spring Gin and Tonic

from Kellyn

Beautiful Booze is my first stop when looking for a festive and delicious cocktail. They never fail to provide fun new recipes for us “cocktail enthusiasts” to try! I stumbled upon this spring-inspired beverage and just had to share. A few items and a little time are all that stands between you and the perfect springtime refreshment. Enjoy!

Spring Gin & Tonic:

  • 2-3 ounces of Seattle Cider Company Gin Botanical Cider
  • 1.5 ounces of gin
  • 1.5 ounces


Belle of the Ball Mixology

drinkIf you’re a fan of Disney movies, then add a little Disney twist to your wedding day! Touches like that, reflecting the things you think are fun, make your wedding more personal to you and your fiancé, plus it offers something unique for guests.

Here are some fun and festive signature drinks themed to some of your favorite Disney characters, courtesy of Cocktails by Cody.

Seeing Spots

  • Raspberry Vodka
  • Chocolate Liqueur
  • Cream

Curious Confection

  • Crème de Banana
  • Blue Curacao
  • Malibu


Erin’s Thanksgiving Tradition

Cranberry Juice and Sherbertfrom Erin

As a military family we moved around constantly from North Carolina to Hawaii, from Hawaii to Okinawa, and then to our final destination of Virginia! Although changing homes and schools may have been difficult, we were thankful to move with other military families that we were very close to at each location. To this day, we have continued on the tradition to have Thanksgiving dinner with the other military families.

Our famous drink continues to be present at …


Sangria with a Seasonal Twist

(Photo courtesy of Evermine Occasions)

(Photo courtesy of Evermine Occasions)

From Erin

Fall has fast approached—so what better way to slow down and enjoy it than with an Autumn Sangria!

According to Evermine Occasions, you can add some apple cider to red wine for the perfect fall flavor. Don’t forget to add real fruit to your glass, and top it off with a cinnamon spice sugar along the rim.

Pinot Noir & Apple Cider
1 Bottle Pinot Noir
2 Cups Apple Cider
1 …


Signature Drinks and Cider Rum Punch

cidar rum punch

(author photos)

from Bettina

Hosting an open bar at your wedding can be a huge hit to your wedding budget. As coordinators, we get asked all the time by our couples of ways to help them save money without sacrificing quality. A fabulous way to personalize your drink selections while simultaneously managing your bar costs is to offer a limited open bar–meaning you serve only beer, wine, and a signature drink or two to give your guests a little bit …