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My Cheat Day at Billikens

from Jennifer

Earlier this month, I posted a blog about my journey becoming “mostly” vegetarian. I said that I eat vegetarian about 90% of the time. When I “cheat,” it has to be for a good reason. Billiken’s Smokehouse in downtown Fredericksburg is one of those reasons.

The chef is a former sous chef at Stevenson Ridge, Casey Foster. When I heard he was running the kitchen at a BBQ joint downtown, I had to go check it out. My husband joined me for a long-awaited date night, and we figured we would start at Billiken’s for a drink and appetizer and then we’d head elsewhere for a heftier meal.

We sat outside at a long bar that sits beneath a white-framed tent. Adjacent to the tent is a large courtyard with an entertainment stage in the corner. Adirondack chairs and firepits adorn the courtyard. As the happy-hour crowd died down, a two-person band began to play. Such a charming ambiance on a hot summer evening! My husband and I decided to skip our original plans and stay to enjoy the night.

The relaxing vibe that radiated from this place might have been enough to keep us around, but the amazing food is what will keep us coming back! I considered ordering the Veggie Sandwich, “spaghetti squash tossed in a sweet BBQ sauce and served on a toasted bun with bibb lettuce.” But it just felt wrong. I’m sure it would have been delicious, but I’m also sure it wouldn’t have compared to the tender brisket taco that I ordered. Billiken’s Pit Master, Sammi, is one talented lady (yes, lady!!). My husband ordered the Pulled Pork Platter with a side of corn bread and baked beans. I ordered a side of BBQ cabbage. Excellent all around!

I couldn’t have been prouder of my friend Casey. The dining room was full of happy customers, and the staff was friendly and attentive. I have high expectations for customer service, and Billiken’s did not disappoint. If you haven’t been to this amazing restaurant, which hides itself well on Caroline Street, please visit and taste for yourself!