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A Touch of Green Boosts Productivity

From Madeliza

While shopping at a local organic market I came across a very interesting article about plants in the work place that I wanted to share with you. The article, “The goal: ore plants everywhere,” comes from the March 2019 issue of Delicious Living:

“You probably know that spending more time with nature (ideally when it’s sunny) is a proven mood booster. What you might not realize is that making your home a little more lush may also brighten your day. Studies show that the mere presence of plants can make us happier and less stressed. Just don’t forget to water them—tending to plants promotes comforted and soothed feelings while keeping your plants well nourished and happy. Office environments can benefit from a touch of green too. Plants in the workplace have been shown to boost productivity and reduce work-related fatigue. And the office will simply look more beautiful. There’s a reason succulents and fiddle leaf figs are all over Instagram!”

Here are a few things the article also suggested to try:

  • Make your bathroom a tropical oasis! Moisture-loving plants such as ferns, orchids, and bamboo can thrive in bathrooms (provided there’s natural light!). Try growing some on the bathtub ledge or in wall planters in the shower!
  • Turn your desk into a forest grove! Rather than arranging your desk plants in an orderly row, be a little random. The effect will be more like wild and wonderful nature!

After reading the article, I realized I need a lot more plants in my house! I may even try the bathroom oasis option. I’ll keep you all posted once I incorporate more plants in my own home!

In the meantime, check out our plants in the office!