The Innkeepers’ Dogs

Last fall, we shared with you some of the artwork sisters Kelsey and Catherine Hull added around the property. We’re pleased to share Kelsey’s latest Stevenson Ridge creation: a portrait of our innkeepers’ dogs.

Dan and Debbie have three dogs, who eager greet visitors who come to their door. Maggie is Dan’s pure-blooded Rottweiler who looks like a tank but is really sweet and friendly. Brothers Billy and George are pound puppies Debbie rescued several years ago. Kelsey did


Maggie’s Favorite Chicken Soup Recipe


photo courtesy of the Food Network

from Maggie

Who doesn’t love comfort food?

Fall is a time to get cozy, read a book, and enjoy some hearty food with your friends and family. One of my favorite foods to enjoy this time of the year is soup. A classic one that almost everyone loves is chicken and dumplings soup!

My favorite recipe comes from Paula Deen at the Food Network, which you can check out here.

Trust me when …