Burying the Bourbon

from Chris

I come from northwest Pennsylvania, not too far from Punxsutawney, home of the world’s most famous weather-forecasting groundhog, so unusual weather customs are not so strange to me. The South has its own weather-related traditions, of course, including one intended to keep the skies clear and brides and grooms dry on their wedding day: burying the bourbon.

According to legend, if the bride and groom bury a bottle of bourbon upside down at the site of their wedding, …


The Christmas Cactus predicts six more weeks of…Christmas?

February Christmas Cactusfrom Chris

Each year, the Christmas cactus in our office bursts into bloom in late November, serving as a sure sign that the holiday is on its way.

But last week, we noticed that the cactus seems to be ready to burst into bloom again!

Does that mean it has opted to skip February-October and just jump right to November again? Or perhaps, because it’s been about six weeks since Christmas, the cactus is just acknowledging six more weeks of …