Mac and Cheese and the French Cuisine of James Hemings

James Hemings

from Chef Moe

Hi everyone this is Chef Moe Marsh of Stevenson Ridge back again to share the brief history of James Hemings, an immensely talented chef. He was responsible for the spread of French cuisine to America, including crème brûlée, merengues, whipped cream and macaroni and cheese.

James Hemings ( 1765-1801) was an American mixed-race slave owned and freed by Thomas Jefferson. He was an older brother of Sally Hemings and half-sibling of Jefferson’s wife Martha Jefferson; …


Tulip Poplars Shed Their Blossoms as Spring Turns Toward Summer

Tulip Poplar Blossomsfrom Chris

When the tulip poplars drop their blossoms in early May, it’s like a little taste of autumn in the freshest time of the year. Little dashes of orange, yellow, and honeydew-green sprinkle the trails.

Tulip poplars, common in Virginia, are the tallest hardwoods in North America, reaching as high as 150 feet. Their leaves look like webbed, six-fingered palms, symmetrical in design. Their blossoms look like little tulips—which is where the trees get their name from—although by the …