Happy Thanksgiving!

From all of us at Stevenson Ridge, we want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.

As we sit down with our families and friends this holiday, please know that YOU will be among the people we are most thankful for. After all, without all the great couples we work with for their weddings, all the great guests who travel here to spend time in our cabins and cottages, all the great clients who entrust us with their special events, …


The Things We’re Thankful For

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we asked some of the folks here at Stevenson Ridge about the things they’re thankful for this year:

Chef Anthony is thankful for Frank, our jack-of-all-trades who, among his other odd jobs, helps out in the kitchen as a dishwasher.

Bettina, one of our event coordinators, is thankful for all the opportunities she has to express her creative side here at Stevenson Ridge. “It’s wonderful not to be stuck in front of the computer all day,” …


A Pre-Thanksgiving Wish

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from all of us here at Stevenson Ridge! As we gear up to celebrate the holiday tomorrow, we thought we’d offer, of all things, a little bit a Shakespeare to give everyone a little something to think about:

“O Lord, that lends me life, Lend me a heart replete with thankfulness!”
— (Henry VI, part 2, Act 1, Scene 1)


What We’re Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Stevenson Ridge!

To celebrate the holiday, we thought we’d share the things we’re thankful for. Of course, we all said “Family and Friends,” and so we thought we’d go beyond the obvious….

I’m thankful for wood-burning fires!

I am thankful for happiness and laughter—because a day without them is a day wasted.

I am thankful for my amazing husband who is not only a wonderful role model for our daughter …


Some of Our Thanksgiving Traditions

Chris's pumpkin pie fixin's

Chris’s pumpkin pie fixin’s

Earlier this week, Erin talked about the cranberry-and-sherbert punch that her family makes every year for Thanksgiving. Here are some of the other traditions folks at the Ridge have for the holiday:

Sipping mimosas and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

A few years ago, when my son and I were having Thanksgiving for just the two of us, I made my first pumpkin pie. I followed the recipe on the can, and Jackson …


Grandma Cawley’s Awesome Pineapple Bread Pudding

from Chris

I’m hitting the kitchen for Thanksgiving this year. While I’m not responsible for the entire meal, but I am contributing a favorite dish that my mom’s mother used to make: pineapple bread pudding.

The recipe actually comes from my mom’s sister-in-law, my Aunt Kevin, who—I’m told—brought the recipe with her to the family as part of her dowry. But for as far back as I can remember, it was my Grandma Cawley who served this up at special …


Oreo Turkeys

turkeys in a rowfrom Elizabeth

Later this week, I’ll be heading over to my grandmother’s house to get ready for our Thanksgiving dinner. Each family member brings a different dish, orchestrated by the planner in the family, allowing us to have a huge feast with the ones we love.

If your family is like mine, with a pot-luck style meal, then here is a festive and delicious Thanksgiving-themed dessert, which can double as your place setting, too.

What you’ll need:
Double Stuff Oreos…


Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

Bacon has No Endfrom Chris

Facebook picks the strangest things to get excited about, and few of those things are quirkier than bacon. Hardly a week goes by without some meme floating through my feed (usually several times) about the general awesomeness of bacon. I have even seen it suggested that we all need to “eat bacon or the terrorists win.”

Even my son is in on the act. “Doctors warn that bacon can cause heart attacks,” he explained, repeating a favorite meme …