Parasols by the Post Office

from Chris

I don’t know much about wild mushrooms, but I find them fascinating because of the wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors they come in.

These ones, which sprung up near the Post Office, are called parasol mushrooms:

The caps on the big ones are each as wide as my spread-out hand. They have gills underneath, which places them in a category of fungi called “gilled mushrooms” (creative, huh?).



Mushrooms in the Forest

from Jackson

The other day, I was walking the trails on Stevenson Ridge and happened upon a few interesting mushrooms. The first to catch my eye was a rather large, blue mushroom that was right in the middle of the path.

Though this was the most interesting mushroom to me, what was more fascinating was just how many different species and colors of mushrooms I stumbled upon during my walk. Mushrooms were practically growing everywhere in the forest and it …