It’s Christmas at the Ridge!

from Cassandra

As festive as we are here at Stevenson Ridge, we were thankful to have Thanksgiving to be home with our families. The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet here, so we took full advantage of a rainy Saturday to decorate our monster tree!

This is my first Christmas with Stevenson Ridge so I jumped at the chance to lend a hand in setting up the main attraction for our holiday season. With the help of two handy …


Expectation and Anticipation

from Chris

I always love the sense of possibility I feel when I walk into the Lodge and the room is arranged and the table linens are set for an event. Anything could happen. The event decorations have yet to appear, and people have yet to fill the room–both, in their ways, will transform the space. Right now, though, the room is a fresh, clean slate, waiting to become something special for someone. That in itself makes the room special. …






We’re Floored!

from Jennifer

We’re floored—literally. Dan has had workers in all week installing new floors in the Lodge. Upstairs, our bar area is getting a new ceramic tile floor. Downstairs, part of our rug is being replaced with tiling. Here’s a look at the work in progress:


LodgeFloorUnfinished-downstairsThe old carpet downstairs was great in its day, but once we started catering, with lots of traffic and food coming in and out of the kitchen, it quickly became apparent that the carpet’s …