Iced Duck

from Chris

The cold snap this week has our ducks huddling in a smaller and smaller patch of open water on the pond, which has otherwise started to crust over with a layer of ice.

Their open water is near the Log Home, in the shallow end of the pond. Ducks actually do fine in cold weather so long as they have a little open water, which they need for drinking. As temperatures dip below twenty, their feet can get …


Gaylord’s ICE! Exhibit

icefrom Elizabeth

If you haven’t seen it yet, there are still a few days left this holiday season to make a trip to the National Harbor and visit the Gaylord ICE! exhibit.

Each year they showcase more than two million pounds of hand-carved ice sculptures and slide-down, two-story ice slides. This exhibit is kept at a freezing nine degrees, but don’t worry—they give you a parka to wear while walking around. The theme this year is Christmas Around the World,