Commemorating the 155th Anniversary of the Battle of Chancellorsville

Our historian-in-residence, Chris Mackowski, took part in an exciting two-day event to help commemorate the 155th anniversary of the battle of Chancellorsville earlier this week. Chris, along with several fellow historians from Emerging Civil War, joined Kris White and Garry Adelman from the Civil War Trust and Beth Parnicza and Pete Maugle from the National Park Service for a series of Facebook LIVE broadcasts.

From Emerging Civil War, Dan Davis, Ryan Quint, Steward Henderson, and Edward Alexander joined in. So …


Visiting the Local Battlefields


The Bloody Angle in the fall

from Chris

We recently had an inquiry from a guest about the local battlefields (Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Wilderness, and Spotsylvania). She and her family were trying to plan their visit, and she asked me one of the hardest-possible questions: “Which battlefield do you think would be the most interesting to visit?”

That’s such a hard question because each battlefield is different, and each has something different to offer visitors. That …