From Preparation to Ceremony—in Four Minutes!

from Cassandra

This summer has flown by with many weddings and events in the books! My last wedding, of what I officially call the final day of summer—August 31—was one that incorporated countless but well-thought-out details. I knew set-up would be something special to document.

When I started in the wedding industry, I worked in photography, and my only insight to all the glorious wedding details came through “final vision” in pictures. I saw beautiful details, from invitation suites and …


What do grooms do the day of the wedding?

from Cassandra

In the wedding industry, it seems that our first focus is the bride. What is the bride wearing? Where is she getting ready? What colors has she picked out? The groom tends to take a backseat to all the planning.

So what do grooms do the day of the wedding?

I wanted to shine a little light on what the guys can look forward to before they say “I Do.”

Let’s start with where you are getting ready: …


Making a Family Tree of Memories

from Cassandra

A wedding day is a time where you are surrounded by dear friends and family—a gathering to celebrate the joining of two families and a joyous occasion honoring the union of marriage between two people. Often, as part of the celebration, we like to commemorate family members who are no longer with us by including a memory table decorated in cherished photos of our loved ones.

An April bride of mine had the most wonderful idea to celebrate …


Guest Etiquette

from Cassandra

You receive your invitation to your dear friend’s wedding—great! Most people will think that wedding etiquette only pertains to those in the wedding party or the bride and groom. Well, that is not the case. Your wedding etiquette starts from the moment you receive this invite.  …


Wedding-Tip Wednesday: Choosing a Photographer

from Cassandra

Let’s start with photography. I find that most people I speak with aren’t looking to splurge when it comes to photography for their wedding day. However, choosing the right photographer will impact the entire experience of your wedding day. Having a background in wedding photography, I understand the importance of a skilled photographer. Your photographer will be there from the time you put on your dress until your final send off.

When looking at your budget, I always …


To Sign or Not to Sign

from Cassandra

How many wedding signs are too many signs?

Wedding signage is not always necessary, but it can be a nice touch! In this regard, Pinterest is our best friend and ultimate foe. I am one who fully understands the addictive qualities of Pinterest, so I am here to help.

Wedding signage has become a great love of mine. I’m able to create welcome signs, Stevenson Ridge’s signature buffet sign, and signature drinks signs for the bar for each …


Sweet Potato-Oat Energy Bites

From Cassandra

If you are like me, snacking is my favorite meal of the day. I was born with the sweetest tooth and, because of that, I am also constantly looking for snackable sweets that won’t pack on the pounds.

I owe my love of sweet potatoes to Stevenson Ridge, because before working here I was never a true fan. Now I can’t get enough!

Our Inn Coordinator, Madeliza, was doing her typical shopping for a romance package at Harvest …


Baked Brie Bebe

from Cassandra

I want to take a moment to blog about more of our amazing food here at Stevenson Ridge (as if I don’t give our chefs enough credit)!

I am always in awe of the eclectic menu items our chefs create from event to event.

At one of our recent annual corporate events, Stevenson Ridge’s dynamic duo in the kitchen, a.k.a. Anthony and Moe, incorporated mini baked brie topped with a cranberry chutney into their ever-so-decorated antipasto displays. Taken …


It’s Christmas at the Ridge!

from Cassandra

As festive as we are here at Stevenson Ridge, we were thankful to have Thanksgiving to be home with our families. The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet here, so we took full advantage of a rainy Saturday to decorate our monster tree!

This is my first Christmas with Stevenson Ridge so I jumped at the chance to lend a hand in setting up the main attraction for our holiday season. With the help of two handy …


Talk about a great ending to your guestbook!

from Cassandra

My first couple of October had their longtime friend and wedding photographer snap a picture of their entire “wedding party.” After exiting their ceremony but before heading into the Lodge to enjoy cocktail hour, all the wedding guests gathered around the couple for this group photo.

I can’t help but think this would be the perfect ending to a wedding album—and also a perfect photo opportunity for a coordinator to keep a memory of her first October wedding …