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Jenny at the Ridge

Fried Chicken from Dooky Chase

Leah Chase (photo courtesy Dooky Chase’s Facebook page)

from Chef Moe

Hello everybody! It’s Chef Moe Marsh here once again to share, and today I want to talk about The magical “Crescent City” known as New Orleans, Louisiana!

In New Orleans, the food and the music go hand in hand with each other like a sacred dance moving to the rhythms of the drums in Congo Square or the jazz coming from Preservation Hall, or the smell of the Mississippi …





Winter Reading List for Business Professionals

from Elizabeth

If you have some down town this winter, it’s important to take time for person and business development, and what better way to do this then to read! Of course, having a hot beverages and cozy fire would help with the winter blues. Here are some recommended books for business entrepreneurs.

  • Nice Guys Finish First by Doug Sandler
    • Amazon description: “Successful people and businesses approach the future with an attitude of high touch over high tech. Nice Guys


Stevenson Ridge on C-SPAN

mackowski-c-span-previewStevenson Ridge appears on C-SPAN again tonight!

C-SPAN’s coverage from last summer’s Third Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge continues this evening with a program by our historian-in-residence, Chris Mackowski. Chris spoke on “Spotsylvania’s Bloody Angle.” His program will appear tonight at 6:00 p.m. Eastern on C-SPAN3.

Here’s a quick preview!

For a full list of the talks that have appeared so far, you can check out “ECW on C-SPAN” at Emerging Civil War.…


Miss Elizabeth’s Book Club: September’s Top Picks

photo credit: carley rehberg photography

photo credit: carley rehberg photography

from Elizabeth

When I have a free moment between work and household routines, nothing beats cracking open a new book and getting lost in the story. Of course, I always have a hard copy or paperback in my hands: the smell and texture of the book set the tone.

With so much going on in our daily schedules, just having the opportunity to read is a great way to wind down and relax. I thought …



Pupcakefrom Chris

You’ve heard the expression “fast as lightning,” but anyone who owns a dog knows that the one thing in the world faster than that can be a dog going after a dog treat.

Our friends at The Icing recently sent home a pair of tasty “pupcakes” for our four-legged family members, Emmett and Ollie. These clever little treats look like cupcakes but they’re made specifically for dogs. I have to admit, I can’t personally attest to their tastiness, …