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What do grooms do the day of the wedding?

from Cassandra

In the wedding industry, it seems that our first focus is the bride. What is the bride wearing? Where is she getting ready? What colors has she picked out? The groom tends to take a backseat to all the planning.

So what do grooms do the day of the wedding?

I wanted to shine a little light on what the guys can look forward to before they say “I Do.”

Let’s start with where you are getting ready: make a day of it! Here at Stevenson Ridge, we have 11 different cabins on site. The Log Home, one of our larger cabins, has proven to be the popular choice—so much so that I’ve considered referring to it as the “Man Cave.” Renting out the space is great way for our grooms and groomsmen to relax, kick back, and enjoy the beautiful front porch overlooking the pond. Treat yourself to a mini “man getaway” the morning of your wedding—it’s your wedding day!

Considering that you won’t be tied up with hair and make-up—like your soon-to-be bride—you have the morning to spend however you’d like. How does morning fishing sound? Stevenson Ridge has pond on site, and you and your buddies are more than welcome to try your hands at catching a beloved Ridge fish. We do have a strict catch-and-release policy—please and thank you! J

If fishing isn’t necessarily your thing, we have plenty of space to take advantage of for playing lawn games and trails for exploring. If history’s your thing, make sure to ask us about our Civil War tours.

For my last suggestion for the question “What do grooms do the day of the wedding?” let’s talk BOYS’ BRUNCH! It’s most certainly not just an activity for the ladies. This is your time to enjoy “man-mosas” and dirty eggs (for those who aren’t familiar: eggs cooked in the bacon grease from all the bacon you’ll be cooking up in your cabin). Equipped with a full kitchen, The Riddick House or The Civil War House are ideal for this type of morning prep activity.

A wedding is something you hopefully only do once, so make it special from start to finish. Gentleman, plan out your part of the day and take full advantage of the possibilities!