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Wedding-Tip Wednesday: Choosing a Photographer

from Cassandra

Let’s start with photography. I find that most people I speak with aren’t looking to splurge when it comes to photography for their wedding day. However, choosing the right photographer will impact the entire experience of your wedding day. Having a background in wedding photography, I understand the importance of a skilled photographer. Your photographer will be there from the time you put on your dress until your final send off.

When looking at your budget, I always tell my couple to focus on what is important to them, do their research, and splurge on those items that mean the most to them. However, I also remind them that the photographs captured on your wedding day will be what you use to look back on your special day, so make sure they will be something special!

When vetting a photographer, be sure to ask:

  • Do they have a backup plan if they can’t make it to the wedding because of a death in the family, botched travel or a baby’s due date?
  • You chose them for the beauty of their current portfolio; can they ensure they will maintain their current editing style?
  • Make sure to ask to view a full wedding gallery. A photographer is naturally going to show their best work on their website/portfolio, but you need to see every moment captured throughout a wedding day.
  • How many pictures should you be expecting?
  • How many photographers (ideally two) will they have on the day of the wedding?
  • How do they prevent an unexpected loss of the photos and video (two camera card slots, multiple backups, etc.)?
  • Have they worked with your ceremony venue or reception venue before, or are they willing to visit the venues with you before the wedding day?