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Last-Minute Gift Ideas

from Kristi

Are you finding it hard to come up with a gift for a co-worker or friend? Do you need a last minute gift idea that doesn’t scream “I couldn’t think of anything, so this is all I could come up with!” Here are a few ideas for you:

  • “Create your own snowman” Box: Gather together items like rocks ( about 11 or 12, enough for the eyes, mouth, and buttons), a scarf, a hat, two sticks, and a carrot (or something orange resembling a carrot) and put all items into a basket or box
  • Ornament: The great thing about ornaments is it is used every year. My children and I love opening up the box (okay, let’s be real, boxes) of ornaments and remembering who gave us what. You will always be thought of, especially if the year is written on the ornament.
  • Blanket and a book: A traditional classic, like Twas The Night Before Christmas by Clemente C. Moore (found on Amazon with 2 day shipping), or A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (found at Barnes and Nobles), are great gift ideas paired with a blanket and you cannot go wrong!
  • Craft Set for those friends with children (or not, everyone loves a craft!): for example a create-your-own bird house (found here at Hobby Lobby), a Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit (found here), or even a coloring book with a box of colored pencils