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Guest Etiquette

from Cassandra

You receive your invitation to your dear friend’s wedding—great! Most people will think that wedding etiquette only pertains to those in the wedding party or the bride and groom. Well, that is not the case. Your wedding etiquette starts from the moment you receive this invite.  

  1. First things first: RSVP

RSVP as fast as humanly possible. I find many couples struggle within the last few weeks, making last-minute phone calls, emails, etc. just to see if you will be attending the special day. Be kind: reply to them as soon as you can. It’s just good manners. Whatever you do, do not just show up the day of their wedding unannounced (unless you have brought your own seat and perhaps a sandwich).

  1. Arrive at the ceremony on time.

Leave yourself enough time to get to the venue. Even leave yourself enough time to get lost on your way. Life happens, so if you are to arrive late to the ceremony, be mindful. Make your entrance inconspicuous and wait until the entire processional has concluded to find your seat.

  1. Abide by the bride and groom’s request and put your cell phones away. 

In this day and age, we cannot seem to put our cell phones down, no matter the reason. We seem to have the urge to be the one to capture a moment before anyone else does OR better than anyone else does. I see many weddings that included the “Unplugged Ceremony Sign.” The couple has paid for the photographer to be there for a reason: their job is to get “the shot.” Nothing is worse than a guest blocking the photographer in the middle of the aisle with their iPad to get a photo of the first kiss.

  1. Don’t dress to compete.

Ladies, we all want to look our best, whether it is for our date, or because you worked out all summer and now you want to show off the progress. Unfortunately, a wedding is not the time. Dress for the occasion. The bride and groom typically indicate on the invitation what type of wedding attire is appropriate. Don’t forget the golden rule: never wear white to a wedding, unless of course, it is your own.

  1. Don’t share wedding photos—yet.

While the day-after wedding photo postings is inevitable, brides are very sensitive about their image. Remember, they have been waiting for a long time to share their special day. It’s best to wait until either the bride or the groom has publicly posted pictures before you post your own.