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Enter the Dragonfly

from Cassandra

As a wedding coordinator, most of my job consists of interacting with clients and our couples on a day-to-day basis. The “art of gathering” is something all of the coordinators have majored in, and we love being surrounded by people. However, I have always described myself as in introverted extravert—meaning, when I’m “on,” I am sociable, and thrive off those around me. When I’m “off,” I am in need of a bit of a recharge in solitude.

I recently found a great little place to escape and recharge. Dragonfly Yoga Studio is located in the heart of downtown Fredericksburg.

I was introduced to this small studio by a fellow yogi. Yoga has been my saving grace. It offers me that small window of time where I get to ease my mind with meditation. To simplify, it’s “me time.”

My new year’s resolution was to be more dedicated in my yoga practice. I have always been a yogi, but sometimes a busy schedule gets the best of me. With a busy year ahead of me, I am committed to making time for myself.

I have also introduced the ladies of the Stevenson Ridge office into this fantastic small business. This is a little reminder for those who spend their days battling a commute, prepping for a big wedding, or dealing with everyday stressors to slow down and take a moment for you, whatever that may mean. Self-care is important, and it promotes positivity in all of us.