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Crafting with a Cricut

afternoon snack glassFrom Elizabeth

I have to say, I’m obsessed! My sister in-law purchased her Cricut a couple months ago, and it has been exciting and dangerous with all the crafts and personalizing we can do! I think over the last couple of months, we have cut vinyl for 15 wine glasses, 4 water bottles, 2 onesies, and 1 bathing suit for a bachelorette party in Miami, plus we’ve personalized a mail organizer and a jewelry box. My most recent project has been a surprise birthday present with cornhole boards. I’ll blog about that once it’s done and he’s received it.

So yes, it’s safe to say, we’re obsessed with this machine!

We can take the most boring, plain item and make it into something more personalized. We’ve even talked about opening an Etsy shop, but that’s down the road.

The Cricut is a wonderful machine that cuts, prints, and write whatever your heart desires. It doesn’t just cut vinyl, either—you can use other products such as cardstock, iron-ons, fabric, poster board, and regular paper. It has an online software you use to make your designs and, of course, there are always YouTube videos to help if you’re not sure about something. Yes, it can get a little expensive, but once you buy the machine and some inventory of materials, it’s really not that bad. We have more than 20 different-colored vinyls and haven’t gone through entire roll yet. If you’re crafty or love DIY like us, then this is definitely worth the money!

If you have a Cricut, you’ll have to share your project stories with me.

To watch a video of the machine in action, click here!