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A Tale as Old as Time

from Elizabeth

As a little girl, my favorite Disney princess was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I’m not sure if it was because she was the only brunette princess or that she was selfless, independent, and strong-willed, but either way, I adored her.

Therefore, when I heard on the local radio station that Riverside Theatre would presenting Beauty and The Beast, I had to purchase tickets. With my grandmother in tow for a wonderful grandmother-granddaughter afternoon, we went to Riverside Theatre ready to relive my childhood and enjoy this classic love story.

We enjoyed a three-course dinner before the performance and ordered two desserts to enjoy—one after dinner and one during the intermission. The performance began with that fateful night where the enchantress puts a spell on the Beast and his servants. They will all be human again if the Beast learns to love and earns the love of another before the last petal of a single rose falls.

The actors were great, including talent from Broadway, New York, plus Riverside Theatre regulars. I particularly enjoyed watching all the props and backdrops for the different scenes. I loved the large staircase in the castle and the costumes for the “Be Our Guest” scene with dishes and silverware.

Beauty and The Beast will be at The Riverside Theatre in Fredericksburg until November 25th. Enjoy this tale as old as time with your partner, family, or kids—everyone will enjoy it!