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Fried Chicken from Dooky Chase - from Chef Moe Hello everybody! It’s Chef Moe Marsh here once again to share, and today I want to talk about The magical “Crescent City” known as New Orleans, Louisiana! In New Orleans, the food and the music go hand … Continue reading
Chef Moe and the Transmitters! - from Kellyn First Friday in Downtown Fredericksburg is a big deal for us townies! This month, though, it was an even bigger occasion. One of our chefs, Moe, and his band, The Transmitters, played at a local after-hours venue. Most … Continue reading
The Five-Leaf Clover - from Chris One of my super-powers, apparently, is my ability to find four-leaf clovers. I don’t go looking for them; instead, they tend to leap out at me. I always think of the scene from the movie Rain Man when … Continue reading
Mac and Cheese and the French Cuisine of James Hemings - from Chef Moe Hi everyone this is Chef Moe Marsh of Stevenson Ridge back again to share the brief history of James Hemings, an immensely talented chef. He was responsible for the spread of French cuisine to America, including crème … Continue reading
Goose Update - from Kellyn On Tuesday, May 7, 2019, we spotted a few new arrivals on the property. We stood by our pond and watched as Mother and Father Goose led 5 goslings to the water. That makes today about as close … Continue reading