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Take A Moment - from Kellyn When we can’t stare at the computer screen for another minute, when that project just has to wait and we find our patience wearing thin… we just need a moment. So, what do you do? Personally, I keep … Continue reading
An Egret Came A-Calling - from Chris We get a lot of great blue herons that visit Stevenson Ridge’s ponds, but recently, we had a visit from a bird we’ve not seen nearly so often: a great egret. Egrets are actually pretty common, but in … Continue reading
Meat on the menu? (part 1 of 2) - from Jennifer Vegan. Vegetarian. Gluten-free. Dairy-free. Low Carb. These terms used to bug me. I used to think these dietary choices (unless dictated by a health condition) were pretentious and especially annoying when it came to catering. However, today, I … Continue reading
Parasols by the Post Office - from Chris I don’t know much about wild mushrooms, but I find them fascinating because of the wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors they come in. These ones, which sprung up near the Post Office, are called parasol mushrooms: … Continue reading
Pairing Wine with Food at your Wedding or Event (or not) - Sean Tarallo is the co-owner of Olde Virginia Gourmet & Gifts and Stevenson Ridge’s wine consultant. He also works for the Ridge as one of our banquet captains. There are no truly “correct” answers when it comes to pairing food … Continue reading