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Soup of the Day: Cream of Fennel Soup with Fennel Frond Pesto - Chef Moe Hello, everyone! Chef Moe Marsh here with another wonderful Soup of the Day recipe that I hope you all will enjoy. This is my own recipe that I came up with from leftover fennel bulbs, fennel stalks, and … Continue reading
Fall Color - from Chris The autumn leaves aren’t the only things around here showing their colors…. The bushes in our walking garden behind the Lodge have exploded with a lovely shade of red!
Fall Soup: Butternut Squash - By Chef Moe Marsh Winter is here, and the soup is on the way! This is one of my favorite times of year, when the air gets crisp and the trees shows us their true colors before letting their leaves … Continue reading
“I Voted”—Election Day 2019 - From Chris It’s election day in Virginia, one of the few states to hold “off-year” elections (meaning they don’t coincide with Congressional and/or the Presidential election). The entire Virginia assembly is up for reelecction, as it is every two years. … Continue reading
From Preparation to Ceremony—in Four Minutes! - from Cassandra This summer has flown by with many weddings and events in the books! My last wedding, of what I officially call the final day of summer—August 31—was one that incorporated countless but well-thought-out details. I knew set-up would … Continue reading