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Dear Florence - From Cassandra Dear Florence, When first learning of your existence, we took caution. As time went on, the severity of your strength put a bit of a threat on those of us on the east coast. Here at Stevenson Ridge, … Continue reading
Seeing Red - from Chris Here’s a splash of color for you, courtesy of the begonias growing in front of the Riddick House!
Fun Facts about Great Blue Herons - from Madeliza On Wednesday, I told you about our great blue heron that’s been hanging out in the pond lately. Here are a few fun facts about great blues from All About Birds: Despite their impressive size, great blue herons … Continue reading
Our Great Great Blue - from Madeliza For the past few days, we’ve been hosting a great blue heron in our pond! I get so excited every time the heron visits us because he’s such a beautiful and graceful sight. I’ve tried a bunch of … Continue reading
A Civil War-Time Image of Stevenson Ridge - from Chris I’ve written in the past of two wartime images that show the property that is now Stevenson Ridge. We’ve recently come across a third image that shows the property, and it’s the earliest image of the three. Sketched … Continue reading